Thursday, August 4, 2016


...I downloaded snapchat and I have no clue how to use it, is it that good?! Do I have grandma status for not knowing?!

...on the subject my phone is also behind the times, I really want to bring back the blackberry, I am so over touchscreens, I don't care if it is not 2007

....this whole marathon training thing, it is making me so.hungry. Please pass the carbs. I have no idea what to do because I can't stop eating (and yes I am drinking enough water!!) so close to Boots is going to be my downfall, I'm not a huge makeup wearer, but I can buy make sup and skin products like no other #hoarder

...I ran 8 miles yesterday and then plopped myself on the couch all night. I had to wait for David to come home to make dinner which meant we at at 9:30 (that man is a saint)

Thank god tomorrow is Friday. We are heading back to Ireland for the weekend and I cannot wait! :)

Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Five

Jesh, this week was kind of a doozy. It is super humid in London and I just think that is zapping all of my energy- I even skipped running last night for some much needed couch time.

1. My mom and sister went home a month ago... how did that happen? It was so great to see them, and having visitors meant that I was motivated to go out and see lots. We went to the cutest little coffee shop, Loafing. I have got to get back there with a magazine some Saturday!

2. I just started reading What She Knew, after seeing everyone reading it. (I just finished 'Kitchens of the Great Midwest, and while I didn't love it, I not only couldn't put it down, now that I have finished it I can't stop thinking about it. Maybe it was better than I thought?

3. We are obsessed with The Good Wife. So behind the times, but it is soooo good.  I am rationing episodes on Netflix because I don't know what I am going to do after this. Ps I just found out that Alicia wears a wig, if they can't de-frizz curly hair for people on tv, I have no hope at all. 

4. But, when it comes to hair, I am loving the Babyliss Big Hair Curler. Such a good investment. That and aquis hair towels are game changers. Even David said my hair is as bouncy as after the hairdresser! 

5. We have no plans this weekend and I am soooo excited. My plan for tomorrow is coffee and magazines, catching up on shows and a short run. Hopefully I can twist David's arm into dinner out :) 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Marathon Training in London

So, I am training for the Chicago Marathon, and I am totally in that stage of training where I am questioning my mental state when applying every Sunday (long run day, and nope runs right now are not even that long!).

I ran the Dublin Marathon in 2013. After that I trained for Belfast Spring '14 but chickened out, then have been a hobby jogger. While we in Gibraltar/Spain my exercise routine definitely took a back seat and I relied on DVDs (Physique57 and Ballet Beautiful- loved both!) to maintain some fitness. David's mum encouraging me to pick up my sneakers and go out for a run in March quickly escalated into 'Maybe I should enter the lottery for Chicago', so here I am running my little heart out. 

I had initially wanted to use Hanson's plan. I have had the book for ages and after reading reviews (Sara @ The

Running Wife's review was especially encouraging) I really wanted to give it a shot. But... I am working 10 hr days, like 8 hours of sleep, and want to get to experience life in London while we are here, so high weekly miles just aren't realistic right now.

So, I am loosely using Asics . One of the things I love most about life in London are the parks. We live about a mile from Victoria Park and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and it is just the best. Seeing so many people out biking, running, walking; not having to worry about getting run down by a car, emergency water fountains ;)

Of course it's not all sunshine and rainbows, David practically had to boot me out of the door at 1p today, with me vehemently protesting that I would go but I certainly would *not* be running 14 miles. (I did, but I bribed myself at mile 9 with the promise of Essie nail polish for a job well done!). Happy to have another week in the books, and a guilt free pasta dinner on the menu for tonight :)

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Pinterest Inspired Power Room Makeover

We could have titled this one 'how we spent part of our vacation in Boston' ;)

When my mom tossed around the idea of a giving the downstairs powder room a facelift, David and I had a few ideas. This quickly turned to consulting Pinterest, once we spotted this pin, things escalated quickly. 'I wonder how hard this wallpaper will come off', soon became 'It's coming right off!!'.

The bathroom was in real need of a refresh and we (and my parents) were really happy with how it turned out. We took out the existing flooring, stripped the wallpaper,  put up some custom white paneling, took out the (hideous) mirror, relocated the sink to make it feel a bit larger (it's still teny-tiny), but so much brighter!

I am so lucky to have David, who is an enthusiastic and talented 'handyman'. I played the part of  project manager painter/general laborer/design consultant ;)  We had so much fun working this and a great sense of satisfaction seeing the finished project, who knows what we will take on next!


Sink- Signature Hardware. My mom had bought something from here previously and this fits the space perfectly! The inspo piece had a hanging sink but we wanted something that would hide pipes and also could hold an extra roll of toilet paper. David actually cut the base off this to raise it slightly so our back splash was behind the sink.

Flooring- Prego from Home Depot. We wanted something that tied into the color of hardwood on the rest of the first floor, and because we had such a small space we were able to grab a box that was opened and had a couple of damaged boards making this a steal!

Faucet- Lowes

Tile Back splash- Home Depot

Paint- Antique White

Mirror- Target. I had my poor mom running around from Lowes to Lowes tracking down another mirror I saw online, but when she finally was able to track one down (the stock monitoring system seemed to be out of synch), and brought it home, the white wasn't 'white' enough against vanity/paneling! Good Grief! We got this one from Target and it was perfect.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Five on Friday

Pheff, another Friday, this week has flown in, I've been down with the cold the last couple of days so really looking forward to a quiet weekend with lots of tea and Hocus Pocus. I love October, so am a bit sad that it is over, but am counting down the weeks til Christmas vacation- David is coming to Boston with me and I am so excited for our first Christmas together :)

One. House of Cards
So late to the party on this one, but I had to have someone to watch it with. (Unless I am on the bike trainer, I don't really like watching tv on my own). I have David on board now and I am hooked! Does every season get better? I hope so.... (Also, I want all of Claire Underwood's clothes.)

Two. Neo Bars from Lidl.
Gibraltar is really hit or miss for produce- I still haven't worked out the delivery schedules but hit Morrisons at the wrong time and it is depressing. Lidl is a godsend for produce. It's so inexpensive, and much fresher and better variety than most other places. While we were in there, we picked up these Neo bars and they are SO.GOOD. They have the Oreo cookie bit in chocolate #addictive.

Three. Waitrose Tarrazu Mountain ground coffee
I realllly miss our Nespresso (especially the milk frother), but we're using a french press for our coffee at the moment. I picked up this one after reading about it on Cider with Rosie, and it is really delicious. We can get Waitrose products from Euroski in Gib, and I will  miss this when we go home, although David and I are lusting over a Barista Express which I think could make an even better cup ;)

Four. Vanilla Butter Hand Cream

You know a hand cream smells good when people comment on it. I get so many compliments on this one, and it makes my hands feel so soft. I am currently rationing the end of my supply but it's on my list to stock up when we are back in Boston.

Five. Podcasts- Here's the Thing 

I loooveed Serial, and ever since I've been really hooked on podcasts. Nothing makes a car journey or monotonous spreadsheet project go by faster than an interesting radio program. One recent discovery is 'Here's the Thing' with Alec Baldwin. The podcast is chatty with great guests- Paul Simon, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Dan Rather have all featured on the program. I think of it as eavesdropping on a really great conversation in a coffee shop.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Weeknight Wonder: Sundried Tomato Turkey Burgers

When we lived in Belfast, David and I spent a lot of time cooking and experimenting with new recipes. We loved investing in new cooking equipment, and we had just about every spice imaginable in our pantry. It's been a real adjustment moving to Spain because we have a limited amount of gear (and for the length of time we are here, its not practical to buy/ship everything), we have less time to cook together, and our pantry is a bit on the bare side (things no longer fly out when we open doors).

Of course, we still have to eat and enjoy cooking, but we are now on the look out for quick recipes that don't take too many ingredients, and  my 'no jarred sauces' rule isn't as stringent as it once was ;) 

I'm no food photographer, but I promise these were sooo tasty with sweet potato fries, and were ready really quickly.

Sundried Tomato Turkey Burgers from Cooking Light
450g Turkey Mince
60g Goats cheese (about half a roll broken into small chunks)
4 sundried tomatoes, in oil, drained and minced
1 clove garlic, minced
Salt & Pepper

Gently mix all ingredients, and form into 3 patties. Pan fry in skillet sprayed with olive oil about 4 min each side. Transfer to 400F oven for 5-10 minutes (until cooked through, I tend to panic a bit about poultry).  

Serve with Basil Aloli 
1 clove garlic minced
2 heaping TBS light mayo 
6 basil leaves minced 
Mix and serve! 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Five on Friday

Phefff! Am I ever ready for this weekend. We are staying in Spain (David is working), so hoping the sun stays shining. It's still about 20C/70F which isn't too hard to take ;) Hopefully I am in for a nice, quiet relaxing weekend complete with movies, magazines and wine! Things I am loving this week:

ONE: Physique57

Running has been non-existent since we moved to Spain (more on that later), so DVDs have been my workout saving grace. I've been on a ballet/pilates inspired workout kick, and Physique57 has been one of my favorites. I bought the $31 unlimited online video package for a month, and it's making me sore in the best way possible. Hopefully it's going to give me some good results! 

TWO: Everyday Super Food

I loooove cookbooks, especially ones that inspire me to eat healthier. Jamie Oliver's Everyday Superfood has soooo many delicious looking things. The Skinny Carbonara and Chicken and Squash Cacciatore have made it on to my menu for next week, very excited! 

THREE: Gilmore Girls Reboot

Please say this is really happening! I can't wait to see where this series goes, who will Rory end up with (I really hope it's Logan #sorrynotsorry), and what about Luke and Lorelei? Will Sooki be back?  (more unanswered questions) I will be re-watching some old episodes in preparation. 

FOUR: Stir-Fry for Dinner
Quick, Veggie Filled, and Delicious? Check, check and check. We've had stir-fry for dinner twice this week. Sesame oil, chicken, ginger, garlic, lemon/lime. and soy sauce mixed with whatever veggies are in the fridge (asparagus and mushrooms might be my top fav), you can't go wrong!

FIVE: That Burberry Coat....

My favorite item of the week- why does being bad feel so good? I need another coat like a hole in the head, but I've had this on my wishlist for so long, I am soooo excited that it is on route to me. Thank you Saks sale for giving me a good excuse!